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Classical Chinese>English Translation 文言文英譯(訂製服務;每小時)

Classical Chinese>English Translation 文言文英譯(訂製服務;每小時)


A daily rate of 200 Euros (equivalent to a 28% discount on my standard hourly rate) may be applied to qualified assignments. Please refer to the pricing plan page for other discounts. 



This service is offered to anyone or any institution that needs help with the translation of Chinese language material written in:  

  • literary Chinese;
  • old Mandarin;
  • Japanese or Korean forms of literary Chinese;
  • a combination of any two or three of the above.  

If you are interested, please note that our communication will mostly take place online. If your project involves any artefacts or calligraphy, please prepare high quality photos of the original object/work. If you have a transcription of the text, please provide it together with photos of the original object/work. 




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