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Classical Chinese Tutorial (per hour)

Classical Chinese Tutorial (per hour)



Giving fish to someone is not as good as teaching him how to fish.

──A Chinese proverb

Do you want to lay a solid foundation at the beginning of your journey into the world of classical Chinese? 


Have you worked through the introductory textbooks and then realised there's no textbook for intermediate/advanced classical Chinese as with other languages?


Are you frustrated by the huge gap between the introductory readers on the market and the reading ability required by the material you have at hand? 


Congratulations - you've found the right place :) 


If you have asked your Mandarin tutor to help handle some pre-modern material that you happen to be interested in or need to deal with for your ongoing project, you perhaps already understand that being a native speaker of modern Mandarin is far from having the ability to handle any pre-modern material. If your Mandarin tutor said s/he can't help, you are lucky, because you have an honest tutor that has at least a basic understanding of and respect for the history of a language. 


Here in Rachelle's Lab you will be guided by someone who has been trained for eight years to read, translate, and analyse pre-modern Chinese texts. I taught classical Chinese at SOAS, University of London, for six years and supervised numerous research papers and dissertations on various pre-modern Chinese topics. As a private tutor, I have also helped students, researchers and curators handle various texts written in literary Chinese (including those written by Korean and Japanese scholars). I absolutely enjoy helping people with all sorts of topics and exploring the world of classical Chinese. I look forward to a new journey with you! 

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