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Directed Reading of Chinese Literature (per hour)

Directed Reading of Chinese Literature (per hour)



The directed reading is offered to everybody with an interest in classical and/or modern Chinese literature. You might be:

  • an advanced reader of Chinese (modern or classical) and find yourself in need of a little bit of help or reassurance when dealing with some tricky passages in the text;
  • an intermediate reader who happens to become interested in a Chinese text that has not been translated before;
  • a keen literature reader who has NO prior knowledge of the Chinese language and/or literature at all!


What we actually do in the reading session will be designed to suit your background and needs. For example, we can: 

  • have a focused discussion of specific excerpts that puzzle you;
  • go through a long text (novel, for example) together, chapter by chapter;
  • read excerpts/works from different genres to get a good overview of the history of Chinese literature.


Of course literature is about the art of language, but I don't think it is ALL about language. There are so many layers of literature that are worth exploring, and language should not be a barrier that pushes interested readers away. Tell me about the work that has hooked you, and let's dive in :)

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