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釋懷深《擬寒山詩(其一百三十二)》 “In Imitation of Hanshan’s Poems (No. 132)” by Buddhist Huaishen (1077-1132)

一鼠變蝙蝠, A mouse turned into a bat,

群鼠相慶。 And got congratulations from its fellow mice.

飛鳴覺身輕, Soaring and singing, [it] felt so light,

自喜脫貓。 Pleased with its freedom from cat disaster.

日中不見物, No sight in the day,

夜裡長忍。 Endless hunger at night,

不如當鼠時, Unlike its old life as a mouse, 

窟裡飽眠。 [1] That lay in its nest well-fed, dozing.


* Fu Xuancong 傅璇琮 (1933-2016), Ni Qixin 倪其心 (1934-2002), Sun Qinshan 孫欽善, Chen Xin 陳新 eds., Quan Song shi 全宋詩 (Beijing: Beijing Daxue chubanshe, 1995), 1400.16113.


[1] Red characters rhyme.

A reminder for mice/bats: never underestimate a cat's hunting skills!

PS: The poor thing in the picture managed to escape in the end




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