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"Fengyu guimu" 風雨歸牧, hanging scroll by Li Di 李迪 (fl. 12th century)

"Fengyu guimu" 風雨歸牧, hanging scroll by Li Di 李迪 (fl. 12th century)

Image credit: National Palace Museum, Taipei

Inscription by Zhao Ji 趙佶, Emperor Huizong of Song 宋徽宗 (1082-1135, ruling 1100-1126)






Pushing forward into the rain, against the wind, two young herdsmen

Held their straw hats and capes low [through] green poplar branches.

Whence comes the fine food deep inside the palaces?

[We] certainly acknowledge the hardships of farming.

Written in the Jixi Palace


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