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“Mianquan” 眠犬 (Sleeping Dog) by Jin Tingbiao 金廷標 Pt. 2

Album leaf “Mianquan” 眠犬 (sleeping dog) by Jin Tingbiao 金廷標 (d. 1767)

Picture credit: National Palace Museum, Taipei

拳毛帖尾意婆。 With curled hair and a tame tail, [it] rests at ease.

黃耳焉知吉夢。 How does this yellow-eared one know about so many auspicious dreams?

縱使山邨無夜警。 Although the mountain village has no night watch,

安眠可奈素餐[1] What can be done about this freeloader, fast asleep?

臣尹繼善 By [your] subject, Yin Jishan

帖耳蒙睛蟠尾。 Ears drooping, eyes closed, the tail curled cosily,

閒逢無事得眠。 This idle one, unoccupied, slumbers at length.

翰音一樣司時者。 Masters of time like the quilled-song,[2]

不撼鍾聲亦獨。 Why on earth don’t [you] sound the bell?

臣劉統勳 By [your] subject, Liu Tongxun

深埋短喙尾蟠。 The short snout buried deeply, tail curled cosily,

不掣重鐶逸致。 [It] is free from layers of collars, with plenty of ease.

想見人和兼歲稔。 In a vision of people in harmony, a year of harvest,

花邨夜静樂如。 In a flower[-covered] village at a quiet night: how joyful it is!

臣劉綸 By [your] subject, Liu Lun

[1] Red characters rhyme. Note that the rhyming characters are the same as the emperor’s poems ( to which the subjects responded. [2] Hanyin 翰音 (quill-song) is a metaphor for cocks.


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