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“Ershisi fan huaxinfeng” 二十四番花信風 by Dong Gao 董誥 pt. 12

Picture credit: National Palace Museum, Taipei






As the profusion of blossoms comes to full bloom in late spring,

Yet another celebrated flower follows in their footsteps.

[Its] red petals diffuse fragrance in lush entangling vines,

Growing mellow in the wind and awakened by the rain, emerging fresher than ever.

The second pentad after Grain Rain: roseleaf raspberry (Rubus coronarius)







Purple strings and pink tints decorating a multitude of flowers,

[This] late arriver gladly joins the sequence of twenty-four.[2]

Strewing vernal warmth across all sorts [of flowers],

Theses paintings are laid out for understanding the year, eventually with merits for governance.

Inscribed by the imperial hand during the [solar term] Beginning of Spring of the dingmao year [1807]

The third pentad after Grain Rain: chinaberry tree blossoms (Melia azedarach)

[1] Coloured characters rhyme. [2] This refers to the set of twenty-four flower-message winds, the subject matter of this album. As this is the last poem in the series, the final lines summarise the significance of the whole album.


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