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張鎡《清平樂·炮栗》To the Tune Qingpingle, On Roasting ChestnutsBy Zhang Zi (1153-1221?)

蝟房秋, Hedgehog-houses [1] ripen in autumn,

紫實包黄。 Holding yellow jade in their purple fruits.

吹葉風髙銷舊。 Blowing off leaves, winds high up erode the green of old,

疎影半遮茅。  Whose sparse shadow covers but half of [my] thatched cottage.

山居未覺全, Living in the mountains [I] feel not totally poor:

園收今嵗盈。 My barn is filled with this year’s garden harvest.

自撥塼爐松火, Aerating the brick fireplace with my hands,

細煨分餉幽[2] [I] roast [them] slowly to share with my companion in reclusion.

[1] Refers to chestnut husks.

[2] Coloured characters rhyme.


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