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“Ershisi fan huaxinfeng” 二十四番花信風 by Dong Gao 董誥 pt. 8






Joining spring to summer, fluttering in the breeze,

Magnificent flowers, here and there, don purple and red.

A brume of pleasant scent misting up their tender leaves,

Creation’s craft of cutting stands out from the floral cluster.

The third pentad after Awakening of Insects: multiflora rose






Against the wind, rinsed embroidery [2] shines through the three vernal months,

The graceful bearing of [their] elegant, fragrant skin now freshened.

[As they] stand in the north of the pavilion in a casual imitation of Taizhen, [3]

A painter understands [they] are trying to smile like her.

The first pentad after Spring Equinox: crabapple

[1] Coloured characters rhyme. [2] Zhuojin 濯錦 (rinsed embroidery) is a type of luxury embroidery produced in the Chengdu region of Sichuan. [3] Taizhen is the Daoist name of Yang Yuhuan 楊玉環 (719-756), the beloved consort of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang 唐玄宗 (685-762, ruling 712-756) and one of the most renowned beauties of ancient China.


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