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楊士奇《大雪志喜(玉樓春)》“Joy of Heavy Snow (to the Tune Jade Tower Spring)” by Yang Shiqi (1365-1444)


On the 20th day of the 12th month of the jiayin year[1]

天公預作豐年, Lord Heaven heralds the blessing of an abundant harvest,

栁絮梨花紛舞, Willow catkins and pear blossoms swirl down in profusion.

九重城闕晃清輝, Nine layers of towered city walls shimmer with a pure glow;

一統山河含淑。 The unity of mountains and rivers is infused with tender air.

郊原遍是瓊瑤, Beyond the city is a blanket of alabaster,

梅蕋稍頭春早, Plum buds at the tip of branches – spring arrives early.

未論寅卯太平年, Not to mention the peaceful years of the tiger and the rabbit,

且賞嘉祥宣徳[2] Just appreciate this auspicious omen of the Xuande era.[3]

* From Yang Shiqi, Dongli ji xuji 東里集續集 (Wenyuange yingyin Siku quanshu 文淵閣景印四庫全書 vol. 1239, Shanghai: Shanghai guji chubanshe, 1987), 62.44b-45a.

[1] This date corresponds to 19 January 1435. [2] Red characters rhyme. [3] Xuande refers to the reign of Emperor Xuan of Ming 明宣宗 (1399-1435; ruling 1425-1435).

Taken on the morning of 20 January 2023, after our first snow which was not exactly "heavy" but remarkable enough for this part of France.

A black rabbit by an anonymous artist of the Song dynasty (960-1279)

Picture credit: National Palace Museum, Taipei

* In the traditional Chinese calendar, the new year is a guimao 癸卯 year. As its tiangan 天干 (Heavenly Stem) component, i.e. gui, is associated with the element Water in the Wuxing 五行 (Five Phases) theory, the rabbit of 2023 is also specified as a water rabbit or a black rabbit (black being the colour for the element Water).


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